Are You Or A Loved One A Candidate For Bariatric Care?

28 September 2021
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Bariatrics is a field of medication focusing on weight loss and the overall health of obese patients. This includes surgical options as well as a plan of care that doesn't include surgery. The care plan is based on the patient and their weight and health. Bariatric care focuses on a plan for obese patients to lose weight and increase overall health. To decide bariatric care is right for you or a loved one, you must understand who benefits and why. Read More 

3 FAQ About Hospice Services

14 July 2021
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Nobody wants to think about being diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, terminal illnesses are a reality for many Americans. One of the most common types of terminal illnesses is cancer. According to the latest statistics, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the country, second only to heart disease. Nearly 600,000 people die from cancer each year. For cancer patients, or anyone else not expected to live past the next six months due to a terminal illness, hospice services are available to help patients during this difficult time. Read More 

Does Your Loved One Need A Caregiver For Dementia?

7 April 2021
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If you have an elderly loved one who is exhibiting the signs of dementia, you may wonder if it is time to consider your caregiving options. You have many options to choose from, but first, you have to work through the first step: getting a diagnosis for your loved one. So, are you trying to consider your dementia caregiver options? Here's what you need to know. Choosing a Caregiver Begins With Making an Appointment Read More 

3 Benefits Of Personal Care Services For Seniors

19 February 2021
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If you or an aging loved one is looking into various options for home health care services, you have likely come across personal care services. Signing up for personal care services has many benefits and allows you or your loved one to have help with their personal care while getting to continue living in their own home. Here are a few of the most important benefits of personal care services for seniors: Read More