3 Benefits Of Personal Care Services For Seniors

19 February 2021
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If you or an aging loved one is looking into various options for home health care services, you have likely come across personal care services. Signing up for personal care services has many benefits and allows you or your loved one to have help with their personal care while getting to continue living in their own home. Here are a few of the most important benefits of personal care services for seniors:

Personal Care Services Is Non-Medical Care

Many seniors are generally healthy but have limited mobility or have lost their ability to safely and easily complete daily tasks. This situation is an ideal fit for a personal care services aid since they provide non-medical care. Your personal care services aide can help with tasks like bathing, getting dressed, and combing your hair.

They may also provide light cleaning assistance, offer meal prepping help, or drive you to appointments. Their job is to make your life easier and more comfortable, restoring a sense of dignity and ease in your daily life.

Personal Care Services Are Often Covered by Insurance

If you are worried about cost, rest assured that in many cases, personal care services are covered by insurance. Over 60 million people are covered by Medicaid insurance, and the majority of them are seniors. Luckily, Medicaid typically pays for personal care services as well as other types of home health care.

In addition to usually being covered by health insurance, personal care services are also significantly more affordable than moving into an assisted living facility, since with personal care services, you stay in your own home.

Personal Care Services Offers Companionship

A concern for many people with elderly loved ones is worrying that they may become lonely. After all, the golden years are often a time when romantic partners and friends pass away, leaving a void where companionship is concerned.

Companionship is important for mental health and wellbeing. Luckily, a personal care services aide is not only there to help with practical matters, but also to offer company and conversation. In many cases, people become close to their personal care services aide and consider them a real friend.

If these benefits sound appealing, start by scheduling a consultation with a personal care services company in your area. They will help evaluate your specific situation, health insurance, and needs to determine if personal care services are the best option for you.