3 Ways Your Loved One Can Benefit From In-Home Care

15 November 2016
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As the body begins to age, it becomes difficult to perform some basic tasks on a daily basis. Many elderly people find themselves in need of help each day, and some of these individuals end up in assisted living facilities.

If you want your loved one to remain in his or her home, but you are worried about their ability to care for themselves without assistance, then you might want to consider in-home care. Here are three ways that your loved one can benefit from in-home care services in the future.

1. In-home care can help your loved one feel that his or her desires are important.

Aging individuals can often feel like their hopes and desires are overlooked when their family members force them to move into an assisted living facility. Studies show that nearly 90% of seniors have a strong desire to remain in their home indefinitely, despite any assistance they may need caring for themselves on daily basis.

By opting to invest in an in-home service for your aging loved one, you are able to give your relative's desire to stay in his or her home the respect it deserves without compromising his or her safety.

2. In-home care ensures your loved one will get specialized attention.

While placing your loved one in an assisted living facility might seem like the best way to ensure that he or she is getting proper care, it may be easy for your loved one to be overlooked in one of these institutions.

Most states do not have regulations in place regarding the staff-to-resident ratio that must exist within an assisted living facility. This means that your loved one will not be getting one-on-one care. When you opt to invest in an in-home service instead, you know that your loved one will receive specialized attention from a caregiver that can meet his or her specific needs.

3. In-home care can keep your loved one in better health.

The aging population is at risk of developing depression. With chronic health problems and diminished social interaction, your aging loved one could go into a depressed state if his or her independence is also taken away in an assisted living facility.

Through in-home care, your loved one is able to maintain a sense of independence by remaining in his or her home to enjoy the activities and hobbies they have become so fond of.

In-home care can be a great way to provide for the needs of your aging loved one without compromising his or her sense of security and independence. For more information, contact local professionals like In Your Home Care.