Four Things To Consider When Designing A Home Gym

15 October 2015
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Having your own gym at home can help you fit in a workout even when you're limited on time, as it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unlike most commercial gyms. You won't have the excuse of not having time to travel to and from the gym, and it can save you money if you skip having a gym membership. However, it takes some planning to set up the perfect gym for your use at home.

What Will You Do In the Gym?

You don't want to buy home fitness equipment you won't actually use. While this may be a given, not everyone clearly thinks things through, and sometimes people buy what they think a gym should have, without really taking the time to determine what equipment they're most likely to actually use. Think about the exercises you actually do. If you use a treadmill all the time at the gym, it may make sense to get one. The same isn't true if you prefer to get your cardio by running outside or hate to run.

Goal of Your Workouts

Some people go to the gym just to stay fit, while others are trying to train for a certain sport or are giving bodybuilding a try. If your goal is just to get the recommended daily exercise, you probably don't need a lot of weight lifting equipment, but may want a cardio machine and some dumbbells. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, probably want a squat rack, an adjustable bench and barbells.

Available Space

The size and layout of the room you'll be using will also make a difference when choosing from the options at fitness equipment stores. Those with a really small room won't want to purchase very large pieces of equipment, such as a power cage or a squat rack. Free weights would be a better choice in this situation.


Those on a stricter budget can get the basics and perhaps add on to their home gym later. If you're still keeping a gym membership, outfit your home gym with the things you'd like that the gym doesn't provide. Otherwise, check out any available used fitness equipment, as this can help you get more for your money. Inexpensive equipment options include a jump rope or exercise videos for cardio and elastic exercise bands or an inexpensive set of dumbbells for strength training. While cardio machines, such as ellipticals and treadmills, are nice, if you can't afford them right away and the weather's nice you can go for a walk, run or bike ride to get your cardio and focus on purchasing the strength training equipment you need.

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