Cost Effective Alternatives To Nursing Homes

10 December 2014
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As people age, they obviously begin to slow down and become less able to care for themselves.  Whether an illness or injury requires short term support, or more long term aid is required, moving an aging parent or family member from their home may not always be the most effective solution.  Often it is better both emotionally and financially for a senior to avoid moving to a nursing home.  There are a number of cost effective options to consider that can offer the support a senior needs while allowing them to stay in the safety and comfort of their own home.

The first thing to look at is insurance.  Take the time to find out exactly what type of aid the insurance will support, as well as what percentage of that care is covered.  Pay attention to any time limits that may be in place and what types of care require a prescription from the doctor.

The next step is to determine exactly what kind of support is needed.  Is the senior just moving slower; are day to day chores becoming too much for them?  Or are they able to keep up with the house, but the yard work is too difficult or dangerous?  Consider contacting local churches.  Many have programs set up through youth groups that will provide assistance with yard work and basic chores as part of their community out-reach.  Aside from the immediate benefit of having much needed help, youth groups are often a wonderful source of socialization.   Churches also often have a list of private individuals who are available to clean or do yard work for less than the price of hiring a company.

Of course, in the absence of trustworthy private individuals or even family members available to help with house and yard upkeep, hiring cleaning or landscaping companies is often a good option to help a senior retain their independence.  It is a good idea to check local businesses first, because again, they often cost less than "big name or chain" companies.

In the case of illness or injury, there are a variety of in-home nursing services available.  Some companies provide meal prep, light house work, and help with basic personal care such as bathing, medication reminders, or short errands.  Physical therapists often make home visits and can help seniors regain their mobility and independence.  If more in-depth care is needed, there are nursing or even hospice services available that allow a senior to stay in their homes where they are most comfortable.  A doctor can help you determine what type of care would be most beneficial and how long it might be necessary.  They also usually have a list of reliable service providers and can help you to coordinate with insurance companies.

Ultimately, there are many cost effective options to give a senior the support they need while allowing them to remain in their own home. For more information, contact a company such as ComForcare Home Care - Macedonia, OH.