Are You About To Have Knee Replacement Surgery?

6 January 2020
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It's possible that you weren't that surprised when your family doctor referred you to an orthopedic surgeon. And when the surgeon told you that you had bone on bone in your knee, that possibly didn't surprise you that much either. Maybe you got some temporary relief with injections, but the time has finally come that your surgeon has told you that knee replacement surgery is necessary and that you shouldn't postpone it much longer. Maybe your surgery is scheduled for as early as January in 2020. 

Did you already go in for your pre-surgery lab work? If so, maybe it was done in conjunction with a class that gave you specific information to make your life easier once you leave the hospital. Now all you have to do is to ready your home for your post-surgery life. it might seem like a very big deal, but you know how important it is, so you're willing to take the steps to ensure your safety. 

Start by making a list of things you'll need at the hospital. Of course, you'll probably be bringing things like your iPad and your cell phone. Don't forget to mark them with your name and contact information. And don't forget the charger for those electronic devices.

You were possibly told not to bring flip flops or sandals. So, if you don't already have them, put slip-on rubber-bottomed shoes on your shopping list. Shorts to wear under your hospital gown will help in the modesty department.

Consider arranging for major products before you have your surgery so they'll be available without any waiting time. Those items you'll need are things like a sturdy walker and bath safety equipment. In addition, think of getting a wheelchair that will be easy for you to maneuver when you are going for outings as you continue to recover. Later you might just need a cane. 

Do you have to climb stairs to get into your house? If so, think of arranging for a ramp to be installed. The same company that will provide the walker and other safety devices will also have ramps that will be easily adapted to your house. The good thing about the safety equipment is that it can be delivered anywhere you request. 

Find out from your insurance company which items will be covered in your policy. The staff at the hospital will be happy to help you with that.