The Many Benefits Of Senior Home Care

12 September 2019
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Why should you choose senior home care services for your aging parent? If you're torn between this type of arrangement and a skilled nursing facility, take a look at the top reasons to choose in-home care.

Independence Advantages

Independence is important to everyone—especially aging adults, who may feel a loss of control over their lives. As your parent ages, they may lose the ability to drive, shop, cook, clean, or care for themselves. For a formerly independent adult, this loss can lead to sadness, anxiety, or depression.

The ability to maintain independence while still getting the care they need is one of the top reasons for choosing in-home care. While your parent may need someone to help them with activities of daily life, the home environment provides a feeling of independence they may not get in a nursing care facility.

Family Surroundings

Social ties are key to the aging senior's success. Along with peer-to-peer socialization, family members can provide the added support elderly adults need.

Even though family and friends can visit nursing care patients, an hour or afternoon together isn't the same as living with your loved ones. In-home care allows aging adults to live with their extended families and still receive the help they need. The addition of a professional home healthcare worker to the home environment allows family members to take a break and enjoy time spent with their aging parent.

Help with Activities

Does your aging parent struggle to cook, clean, and care for themselves? If you don't have time, or the energy, to take on these tasks, in-home assistance provides the help both you and your parent need right now.

Senior home care may include services such as:

  • Nursing care. The in-home healthcare worker can provide basic nursing care, such as monitoring vitals and administering medications.
  • Hygiene care. If your aging parent needs help bathing, using the restroom, or maintaining oral health, the in-home caregiver can assist. The professional knows how to help your parent maintain proper hygiene and care for wounds or pressure ulcers.
  • Home cleaning. Can your parent clean their home by themselves? If your aging parent needs help around the house, due to mobility issues or other age-related conditions, in-home caregivers may provide cleaning assistance.
  • Cooking and feeding. An in-home caregiver may also help your parent to shop, cook, and eat. This can help the aging senior to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of nutritional deficiencies.

Whether your parent doesn't want to leave their home and move into a nursing facility or just needs help around the home, senior home care services offer a way for elderly adults to maintain independence, stay close to family, and get the help they need every day.